Double Respirator

Double Respirator

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 Dual cartridge respirators will protect you from a variety of different respiratory hazards.

Product Features

Air purifying respirators can be used for protection from a wide variety of respiratory hazards. Cartridges and filters are designed to provide protection against a specific type of hazard.


Perform positive and negative pressure checks each time you put on a dual cartridge respirator.

• Readjust the face piece and perform the checks again if you think you have an air leak.

• Get a doctor’s opinion on using a respirator if you have heart trouble or breathing problems.



Wear a dual cartridge respirator if you have a beard, long sideburns or deep facial scars or deformity.

• Neglect to check with your supervisor for the correct cartridges.

• Forget to check the manufacturer’s information for additional fitting instructions.

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