Safety Belts

Miners Belt are used for travel restriction, work positioning and hands-free carrying of Equipment
A kidney belt is a wide elastic band that is placed around the lower torso that is intended to protect a person’s internal organs from damage either from strain or shock. Kidney belts are often worn by weightlifters, and by manual laborers and medical patients. They are also used by motorcyclists, especially older riders, to support the lower back and guard against wind chill.

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Momi Cap Lamp Belt

Product used to carry cap lamp and self-rescue pack or first aid pouch when going underground.Product Features Cap Lamp Webbing Belt Polypropylene webbing belt with Cap Lamp and Self Rescue Pack o..

R350.00 Ex Tax: R350.00

Momi Kidney Belt L

Momi Kidney Belt..

R78.00 Ex Tax: R78.00
R350.00 Ex Tax: R350.00
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