Bayaan Comarex Knit Wrist Fully Dipped

Bayaan Comarex Knit Wrist Fully Dipped

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Gloves coated with latex, allow an exaggerated texture or crinkle effect not found in other coated gloves, this effect gives the latex glove a sure, comfortable grip as well as increased mechanical strength. It has a canvas safety cuff and the flexibility of the latex allows for excellent movement. Used for work of long duration. NOT to be use with chemicals of any sort.

Product Features

·        Glass industries/handling

·        When working with sharp and abrasive objects

·        In the handling of metal sheeting

·        Assembly

·        Construction

·        Inspection

·        Material handling

·        Landscaping

·        Gardening

·        Handling concrete and brick

·        Fishing

·        Wood industry

·        sanitation

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