Barrier Tape Blue & White

Barrier Tape Blue & White

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Barrier tape is something that you are bound to come across in your everyday life whether it's walking to work or driving to the store. Barricades are meant to serve as a caution and a warning of the dangers that lie within the barriers. Barrier tape can come in many different colours to signify the type of danger that lies beyond it.

Product Features

Blue / White – for defective  machinery.

It’s important to be aware of the different types of barricade tape, especially if you are working on site. If you notice that barrier tape has been tampered with, knocked down, or removed, report it to the job lead immediately as this could result in serious consequences

Colours                               Codes              Definitions         

Ø  Green and white               AH3412  (for safety and first aid)

Ø  Red  and white                  AH3400  (for fire prevention and protection of equipment)

Ø  Yellow and black               AH 3401 (for excavation, trip hazards, low hanging objects) and m

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