Mine Africa Safety Solutions Supplies RB1 and RB3 COAL.

Mine Africa has strong established connections worldwide with both buyers and sellers and is able to offer its clients genuine supply at competitive prices for the following valuable commodities, including but not limited to: We provide RB1 and RB3 COAL with world-class, verifiable and factual information, and most of all, professional representation throughout the purchasing/exporting process. We work with verifiable suppliers and buyers of commodities, as we are serious about the services that we provide.

It is our intention to present ourselves as principal mandate or facilitator to the established commodity trading Industry, representing both sellers and buyers.

We have trade links with many miners, producers, exporters, importers, distributors, traders, brokers, wholesalers, and manufacturers all around the world and it is most likely that we can arrange a supplier or a buyer of any product, provided the transaction is substantial and ongoing business.

Mine Africa Safety Solutions is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to its clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service on which our company is based. We are also very confident that our prices and our ability to guarantee continuity of supply are undoubtedly first-class. We would look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the near future.

We also encourage established suppliers to approach us about developing a formal and mutually beneficial mandate relationship.

We hope to engage in a fruitful long-term business relationship with you.


  1. LOI to be sent to Mine Africa Safety Solutions from the buyer.
  2. FCO to be issued from the supplier.
  3. LOI to be sent with an ICPO( Irrevocable Purchase Order) from the buyer.

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