Maverick Boots

Maverick Boots

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Bova Maverick Boots


NON-CONDUCTIVE Prevents the conduction of electricity.

ANTI-STATIC Allows static electricity to pass through and dissipate.

200 JOULES COMPLIANCE200 Joules Compliance means that the toe cap’s impact resistance is tested by a steel striker of mass20kg ±0.4kg adapted to fall freely on vertical guidesfrom a predetermined height of 1000mm.

METAL-FREEThis shoe contains no metal parts.

ULTRA FRESH TECHNOLOGY Strong anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial protection. Moisture management and odour control.

VIBRAM Genuine Vibram Sole.

PASA Approved by the Podiatry Association of SA.

SABS Meets the Standards of the South African Bureau of Standards.


Resistance Performance Meter:

Resistance Performance Meter

Abrasion Resistance The degree to which the shoe is affected by cuts, slices, etc.

Slip Resistance The amount of extra traction that guards against slippage and related injuries.

Water Resistance The ability to withstand saturation and water-related damage over time.

HEAT RESISTANCE The measure of resisted heat damage and protection provided
PU: up to 110 degrees Celsius
PU/Rubber: up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Oil & Acid Resistance The extent to which the shoe withstands damaging exposure to oils, acid and chemicals.

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